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The Great Egret was created using an oil painting, a photograph of an egret and the software application Adobe PhotoShop. The original oil painting is in full color. I turned a scan of my painting into a (blue) doutone and used the gaussian blur filter in PhotoShop to give my subject's background a distant perspective look. I removed the background in the bird photo then Gaussian the egret, limiting the colors to 20. I also used levels and curves on both scans to get a desired effect. The doutone mode (of the painting scan) was next changed to cmyk. The two separate scans (egret & background painting) were then merged into one entity. Finishing touches were added by using the gaussian blur filter, while masking out all of the egret except the edges, this effect created softened edges. Some minor color changes were made to marry the two subjects together.

Copyright Diane Cheney 1998